The team published its first article titled The Perils of AccountabilityAfter Crisis in Cambridge Review of International Affairs. The paper co-authored by Nadia Hilliard, Iosif Kovras, and Neophytos Loizides, examines a tension at the heart of the principle of accountability: accountability as a principle of non-impunity of public officials versusaccountability as a form of bureaucratic organisation and control. Although these dimensions are distinguishable in the abstract, their ambiguity hasled to an expectations gap among both citizens and elites. The historical legacies of previous policies can exacerbate this expectations gap, leading to a variety of value trade-offs,with the potential to undermine other political values, such as political learning, consensus-building, and citizens’ rights. The paper presents examples of the trade-offs resulting from this expectations gap, focusing on moments of crisis in which such trade-offs can be seen most acutely, and highlight its role as a vehicle of global populism.